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As you have started a new business and planning to build a new website for startup of your’s, you need to understand a step by step process of creating website for startup. So, let’s start creating your site.

  • Coding Vs CMS

This might be the most crucial part for you choosing between coding & CMS (content management system).

  1. Coding

    1. Need the expertise to build an amazing website.
    1. Require complex coding for giving custom functions.
    1. If you get it done by a developer, it going to be much expensive.

  2. CMS (Content Management System)

    1. Easy to build from scratch.
    1. Need only content, nothing complex.
    1. You can create it by yourself just by watching a few tutorials.

I personally recommend you to go with CMs, especially “WordPress” because it’s easy to build a website for startup over it and you can easily customize it according to your need and even my online marketing agency (TechSpiky) is on WordPress CMS.

Get your WordPress installed from the cpanel of your hosting or you can take the help of your hosting support team.

  • Choose a proper theme

The theme is one of the most important elements for a website for startup. The theme is a prebuild design that allows you to upload your content over it and build your website for startup on a prebuilt layout.

There is both a free and paid theme. It’s better to go with a paid theme because they have a prebuilt demo layout which will take a few hours to upload all your content over it and make your website live.

You can get some amazing paid themes for free on a website Theme Lock. This website provides you a wide range of paid themes for free. You can watch my video how to upload a paid theme on WordPress and build your website for startup.

  • Create basic pages

It’s your first website and you are what to put on your site. Let me suggest you something, start from designing 5 basic pages namely:- Home, About us, Contact us, Services/Products, Blog. Each page should contain at least 300words.

  • Home

    This page is the face of your website. It is the first page any visitor will visit when they type your url. You have to make it very impressive.
    • You can use some sliding banner on the top
    • use a short introduction video of the topic or niche on the page
    • get some testimonial of your client
    • show some clients for whom you have worked
    • highlight few services and give a link to see more
    • and a short contact form
  • About us

    This page is all about the story of your startup company. Use this page to tell a good story to your visitors about your brand and try to engage them with your exciting story. Divide your about us page into 4 sections introduction, our vision, our mission, our team.
    • Start from a 100words to 150words of the introduction of your startup.
    • Use our vision to express what your USP is and how you are willing to see your company in the next few years and what is the benefit of your customer in that.
    • Our mission can be used to show them the values of your company and how you are going to give the best to your clients.
    • I always want to look at whom I’m going to get the service. Just like me your client also want the same. So, use the team section to present your strong team behind the quality service/product.
  • Contact us

    You can’t put much content here. Just add a contact form with sufficient details to be filled by your prospect, a location map if any and your social media pages link. That’s all you need here.
  • Services

     Give a little brief about your all services with the basic prices and a button to contact page to inquire about any service. Later if needed you can create a specific page for each service and link with each service.
  • Products

     Display all your product with the exact price and create a specific page for each product with brief detail and a button to order.
  • Blog

     This is the most interesting page of your website for startup. You can create multiple blogs on this page on different topics and showcase your knowledge to your audience. It will also help your website to rank on the search engine.
  • Interface enhancement

User experience is most important when we talk about virtual marketing through websites & app.

  • Navigation Menu

     The menu bar on the top of your site helps your visitors to navigate to different pages of your website. You must keep it simple and clean to make your website easy to use.

Put link of you basic 5pages which we discussed above and give submenu if needed

  • Mobile responsive

     paid themes are always responsive for mobile phone but it is good to check once. Moreover if your website for start is not mobile-friendly then you can use WP Touch plugin to give a mobile friendly interface to your site.
  • Maintenance Mode

     While you are developing your website for startup and not in mood to give any bad experience to your user. What all you can do is put your website on maintenance mode by using a simple Ignite Up plugin and activate maintenance mode in a few steps.

As it is your first website for startup, it might take time to build your site but it all need your dedication. Never lose your patience if it is new for you. Follow YouTube channels like WpCrafter which publish videos for non techies.

You can also contact mail me directly on my email if you face any issue while building your website for a startup in WordPress.

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