Done with the website and now you are getting thought of how to do seo for my website. Let me help you in this.
SEO plays a vital role when it comes to organic and relevant traffic to your website which might convert as sales in the future. I hope you have selected keyword for seo which you are going to use in your website’s seo.


  1. On-Page SEO

There are two factors of seo, on-page and off-page. On-Page is all about the changes you do on your website and make it more friendly for search engine.

Without doing on-page seo, off-page is worthless and you will not get desired results because neither audience nor the search engine will be able to find the required information on the website.

So, if you really want to rank #1 on the search engine, follow this how to do seo guide for amazing results.

  • Content Optimization

Content always plays a vital role in digital marketing. Even for your on-page seo, you need some good quality content on your website.

But the most important thing is always trying to get non copied unique content because if you copy the content which is already present on some other website, you will not be appreciated by the search engine for this.

  • Content-Length

Here is the first step of how to do seo guide.
Page of your website must have at least 300 words of content and if you are optimizing blog then make sure you have at least 800 words there.

Lack of content can be a pinpoint of not getting rank on the search engines. So, make sure you follow this and endure the content length before you start seo further.

  • Keyword Density

Now your page has enough content and it’s time to make your page relevant with the keyword on which you want to rank.
Count the total number of words on your page and use your keyword at least 1% of the total number of words on-page to ensure the presence of keyword on the page.

  1. Meta Keyword

Meta keyword is one of the important html improvements in the on-page of our how to do seo guide. Here you will make it clear for search engine, on which keyword you want to get ranked.

For this html optimization you need to put a meta keyword code in the head section between <head></head> of your website which is given below:

You just have to put this code <meta name=”keywords” content=”Your Keyword” /> if you are doing it with code.
If you are using CMS like WordPress or any other you can use plugins like Yoast SEO, All-In-One SEO, etc to do it without code.

  • Title Tag

Title tag decides your website’s search appearance, how your website gonna look like in search results.

Above you can see (TechSpiky: India’s Most Trusted Online Marketing Agency) is the title of the homepage of the website.

You have to optimize the title of every page and you have to put your meta keyword (target keyword) in it and the length max. 75 character.

Here is some suggestion from my side:

  • Primary Keyword | Your Website
  • Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
  • Primary Keyword | Offer | Brand Name

Once you have decided your title you have to put code <title>Your Title</title> in the head section of the page between <head></head>.

You will get an option in the CMS also to put the title of your page, you can make this change there also. So, this is title optimization of our how to do seo guide.

  • Meta Description

The meta description is a short summary of your page of max. length 145 characters which will be displayed below to the title in the search result page.

And it must contain your keyword at least once and don’t exceed the given length. You have to paste the code <meta name=”description” content=”Your Description” /> between the head <head></head> section of your page.

If you are editing CMS based website, then seo plugins will give you the option to make this change. These three changes you have to do in the head section, now we move towards the body section.


  • Heading Tag

Heading is of six types starting from h1 to h6, in which <h1></h1> is the main heading tag and can be only one in a page, and remaining h2 to h6 are subheadings which can be many.

There only one point to note while writing heading that your heading must contain your meta keyword.

  • Alt Tag

This tag helps to rank your image in the search engines. You have to put your keyword in the alt tag of the image.

  • Internal Linking

Internal linking processes to connect your different pages with each other with hyperlinks. If you are optimizing code-based website then you can use

<a href=”URL”>Keyword</a> to make any keyword linked with any url.

If you are optimizing CMS website then you can hyperlink easily with the text editor.

This linking will make your internal pages denser and crawling, indexing of your page will become faster and traffic can go to the entire website via given links.

These are the eight on-page optimizations you need to do first to make your website rank top on the search engines. Don’t skip any of these steps and make sure you follow all the important tips in this how to do seo guide.

Now let’s move towards the off-page optimization of our seo guide.


  1. Off-Page SEO (Link Building)

So, now we are done with website changes and will have to start off-page seo. It’s a process of getting links to your website pages from different domains.


  • Organic Links

You can earn organic links. Organic links are the links that people give to your content after sharing it on their website or on their social media profiles/pages.

You can use content marketing to get organic links, try to create engaging content that people really like and share on their own. You can write blogs and use content marketing to promote it to your audience and if they like it surely, they are going to share it. Try creating blogs on recent topics and problems.

  • Local Profiles

Local profiles are also part of local SEO, create different local profiles on different local citation websites like google maps, location, and just dial, etc and share about your business/brand over there.

You can give your physical office/store location, the services you offer with your website’s pages link. Sharing regular content will make the profile more genuine and will help you to reach more people and share more links related to your website.

  • Guest Post

As the name suggests you have been a guest on someone other’s website and have to post your content there. You can search for a website that accepts guest posting by simply typing  “guest post” site in the search box.

Once you have got the site, try to contact them via their contact page, and if not able to find their contact page try to contact them via their social media pages.

Before contacting you have to check what kind of blog they are publishing and will you be able to write that kind of blog and is the topic is related to your niche.


  • Reaching Out People

This section of my how to do seo guide will tell something about how you can reach out to people for links. Create a list of all the social media pages, websites, and blogs who are not your competitor but within your niche.

Once you have the list ready then start from social media. Shoot them a message on social media with a link of your recent content (blog) from your website and tell them to share it on their page/profile in exchange of their content on your platform.

Once you have targeted social media now its time for the list of websites you have created. Fetch all the emails related to that website and send them a piece of your recent content (blog) via Mailchimp or any drip campaign asking for a link on their website for your content.

Try these two ways to reach out to people, I’m assuring you if you have done it in the right way, you’ll get good quality genuine links.

  • Participate in Forum

Forum or Q and A websites which are really pinpoint if you want to get connected with the actual problems faced by your customers. Answer their question and also try to give a link to your relevant content from your website.

Moreover, you can create new content based on most asked questions on the forum related to your niche.

  • Image Submission

In this section of how to do seo guide, you have to submit your images on different image submissions sites. You can easily search for the list of websites by typing “image submit” sites in the search box.

Go on the different websites and create profiles and submit images with the relevant links to your website’s pages.

  • Social Bookmarking

Social media always been an important part of marketing and here in our how to do seo guide it going to help us to generate more links for our website.

It is very easy for you guys, you just have to go to different social bookmarking sites and create your profile and start sharing your blog’s link on your timeline and for better results you can join different groups and communities and share your blogs and content from website to get good traffic to your site.

  • Article/Blog Submission

Article is similar to blogging so I kept it one section my how to do seo guide.

As you write blogs for your own website, you have to do the same for your different blogging accounts like blogger, ezine article, and many more.

Just write an article and use different keywords from your website to link multiple pages of website to the blog via hyperlink or anchor tag.

Now finally you have to use this verity of link building techniques to build high-quality links. There is not any exact number of links you need to rank on #1 on search engine.
But you can simply start from creating 5 to 10 links daily to get better results. Keep building links regularly at least 4 to 5 weeks to get good results.

Must check DA(Domain Authority) & PA(Page Authority) of the website on which you are going to link your website. High the DA & PA of the website, higher the chances for your website to get ranked on top.


  1. Monitoring Your Results

Now, its time to check your results. Follow these steps to get started

Step 1: Create a baseline ranking report
Step 2: Enter all the keywords and your ranking before optimization
Step 3: Use Google SERP Counter extension to count ranking.
Step 4: Keep on updating the sheet after every 30 days.

In 3 to 4 weeks following these steps, you will see the changes and improvements in your ranking.


  1. Google’s Algorithms

Last but not the least, google algorithms. It is very important for you to follow these algorithms if you are willing to rank your website on the top of Google SERP.
Algorithms are the set of rules and guidelines for all the website who are trying to rank on the google SERP and the most interesting part of these algorithms are they keep on changing frequently in every few months.


So, this is all about Search Engine Optimization in this how to do seo guide. I would love to help you if you are facing any issues while doing SEO for your website just drop me an email on or visit our contact us page and fill the contact form for help.

You can also get in touch with us on our social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. On social media we often go live regularly to solve your problems.

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