marketing tips for startups in 2020

You are reading this blog of “marketing tips for startups in 2020” means either you’re having a startup or planning for one, if yes then read this blog till the end. The most difficult thing to manage in a startup is the budget.

Moreover, the marketing budget is even more crucial. I know your business has a potential product, but the problem is you are not able to market your product to your potential (target) market.

So, in this blog, I am going to reveal some amazing marketing tips for startups in 2020 market. If you try these marketing tips I am giving you assurance of positive growth.


  1. A Well Build Website

Start from selecting a great name for your website and creating an easy to use website presenting all your service, portfolio and some contact details. Try to use paid platforms for creating your website for startup.

There are really great hostings available nowadays with an effective price. As an example, if you take an Economy Hosting with CPanel from GoDaddy you get a free domain name and of course, you’ll get a great deal. Once you have a domain and hosting, start building a website with WordPress.

Create basic pages like home, about us, contact us, services, portfolio, and blog. You’ll get amazing templates for your pages by using a plugin like elementor, for the contact form you can use ninja form and with all these marketing tips for startups in 2020, you can create an amazing website for your new business.


  1. Proper Social Media Presence

Set up your social media profile to acquire your official username on all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.

Once you have created all the relevant profile, now you have to create an effective social media calendar for posting and do take proper measure of all the graphics uploaded on all the channels. You can use Canva for creating effective graphics for social media.

Try these following marketing tips for startups in 2020 for social media:-

  1. Create Social Media Calendar
  2. Pre-schedule all the post at least for 1 week
  3. Use proper color aesthetic
  4. Avoid self-branding
  5. Use relevant post format for platform, prefer video more


  1. Pricing Strategy

For the initial stage of your business, attracting customers at right price is very important.
But more than price it’s important to make them feel the need and quality of service you are providing on a very effective price.

You can try a “Free Bies” trick for initial stage in which you just need to provide a free initial package of your product/service to interested customers and make them fond of your brand.

Once you have given a “Freebies” successfully now you are ready to ask your customers to get converted as a client with a paid service and mark my words if you have tried at least little to convert them, this is high time for you to get good numbers. Must try these marketing tips for startups in 2020 if you are dealing with pricing issues.

  1. Keep Eye on Your Competitors

As you have started a new brand there are many giants you need to face under the category you are working. If you want to compete them, the first thing you’ll have to do is “start following them”.

Start from creating a proper list of all your possible competitors and check for all their presence, track your competitor website, social profile, apply for their newsletter and analyze how they are planning their content.

If you think that copying someone is bad, think twice!
I recommend not to copy exactly what your competitors are doing, but try to collect ideas as much as you can and also you can analyze how audiences are responding to it.

What to follow?

I’m not saying to follow their exact idea or whatever they are doing. You have your own unique points. With your unique points just try to see how effectively you can express your thoughts as your competitors are doing with their audience.

  • Check their website to see what type of blog they are writing.
  • Opt-in for their newsletter to get update about their offer and mailer design.
  • Follow their social profile like facebook, Instagram, twitter, pinterest, etc.
  • Keep on checking what kind of video they are creating and what more you can do.
  • Always analyze their content as an audience and mark the point you want to add.


  1. Some my personal suggestion!                        :               You can use this free online tool for graphics                   :               Use this to create amazing videos                     :               This tool will help you to edit images                      :               From here you can get copyrights free images                :               Check here for your competitor
Yoast SEO                           :               SEO will help you to rank. Check our “how to do seo“guide


Try these free marketing tips for startups in 2020 market and grow your business. If it helps you, my online marketing agency would love to know about your story just mail me your success story at

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